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American Legion Riders 2011 Area 5 Meeting

at American Legion Post 519 Palm Springs California


Well, I guess Area 5 has done it again. So let’s add another city to that phrase “What happens in PS, stays in PS.” I am really disappointed that I could not be there to partake of the events until Saturday evening. But I am really happy about the stories from there. What a great time.

The dinner was a great success as was the karaoke. Some people I hear sounded better on Friday night than they did on Saturday night. The bar must have been serving a different brand on the second night.

Anyway, I have had nothing but great feedback and a call for the event to take place again next year. This has been passed on to Scott at 519 and everything is in the works.

I hope that there is an artist of some sort out there who can come up with an Area 5 patch. Area 5 has the widest varieties of terrain, ocean, and desert, mountains, rural and urban. Once we have a patch, then we can have tabs for each event attended.   

The ALR is growing Statewide and Area 5 now has a count of 25 Chapters once we get the paperwork done on the two Chapters being worked on.

There was a great turn out of Presidents and officers as well as members at the President’s meeting. Everyone please remember that my meetings are open to anyone who wants to be there.

The main point that I wanted to get across in this meeting is that the American Legion Riders is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who happen to have spent a portion of their lives to honorable serve, protect and build this country, or have married one of these special persons or be the daughter or grand daughter or had the privilege to have been the son or grandson of one of these icons. We are not a “M.C.” and we do not act like a “M.C.” When we put our cuts or vests on, we do so proudly. We show the rest of the world that we are different and that we serve our Country and our veterans.As usual, the couple of Chapters that need to hear this message were not there. I am really going to push Chapters that taking part in some sort of event where vets are benefited is our purpose as a group, not riding from one Post bar to another.

I hear from a lot of people from all levels of the American Legion and it really makes me feel proud to hear Legionnaires say they saw this Chapter number or that Chapter number at various fund raising events. On the other hand I also hear that a very small number of Chapter members feel that buying drinks at a bar is supporting the Legion.

If your intention is to be one of these latter groups, I will ask you now to remove your patches and all other ALR paraphernalia and return it to the ALR DOC and it will save us both some possible un-pleasantries.

Our next convention is already being scheduled so make sure you go to the ALR DOC web site and get the info. Make sure you get your reservations in. We need a large turnout from Area 5 to ensure we keep positions in the southern Cal area.

I will try to get us another President’s meeting before the State Convention so we can know what our concerns are. We haven’t been to Oceanside in a while so maybe we can look there. Will let you know.

Please keep up the great work. Keep working on getting the younger riders into the organization. We are just keeping it open until they come in and take it over. Invite every vet you see to the Legion and if they are on a bike, well even better.

See you all soon. Thanks for all of your concern. I am healing very well and ahead of schedule (in my opinion)

Doyle Tolbert ( Popeye) (Vets Serving Vets)

Department of California American Legion Rider Area 5 Vice President


Legion Riders Annual Social
American Legion Riders of Palm Springs hosted the 2nd Annual ALR District Social at the Owen Coffman Post 519 on November 4th and 5th. All riders joined us for the gala event. Friday the 4th we had a social in the post back bar where riders can get reacquainted and discuss the passing years event. Saturday the 5th we kicked off with a ride visiting American Legion and VFW posts around the desert. The ride was followed by a BBQ dinner in the evening and entertainment.

All riders were encouraged to make the Run for the Fallen ride on Sunday Morning the 6th when we ride from the Owen Coffman Post to Patriot Park for the start of the Healing Field setup.


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